Company Overview

RC: 1638998 SuezElectric Limited is a utility company incorporated with clear objectives to engage in the purchasing and distribution of power through E-channels to both domestic and industrial use. Its operational office is situated at No. 20 Alexandra Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja F.C.T. SuezElectric is a sister company to Suez Gas Nigeria, one of the leading LPG marketing and distribution companies for residential and business customers. We envision enabling customers to embrace a more efficient and increasingly digital world. We intend for our customers to benefit from the growing effort to provide efficient energy and smart energy solutions, access to smart meters, the provision for effective and innovative services, to ensure the transformation of neighborhoods through providing the supply of reliable, efficient and stable energy in real time.

Our Services

With our network, we are focused to be one of the leading companies in supporting and developing the solution for energy and power services to provide a huge clientele access to convenient cashless services, through our mobile and online platform. With the aid of our branch networks such as Suez Gas Nig and Suez Trading international, (Real estate's infrastructure investments) along with our international and domestic affiliates such as, Oribera limited(Technical Partners), Reimnet Limited (I.T Partners), Ashfar Limited (Consultants) we plan to make our services available to both domestic and industrial consumers.

Idea and Innovation – SuezElectric Limited

SuezElectric offers an on-demand electricity vending solution, with a focused interest in prepaid electricity. Our electricity vending solution provides secure, fast generation of prepaid electricity tokens and we have enabled electricity aggregation with multiple distributions companies (DISCOs) and meter technologies. Our mobile and web application platforms offer detailed transaction reporting which covers core and relevant data such as meter serial numbers, token generation and associated information, giving unparalleled insight into electricity usage, trends and performance.

Why Choose SuezElectric?

Our mobile and web functionalities include: User- friendly and easy-to-navigate interface Simplified electricity token purchase and payment process. Naira to unit calculator for customer's use. Retrievable transaction history Automated bills and receipts Information storage Preview and printing of utility bills Ease of payment with saved card functionality 24-hour efficient online customer support(with smart and experienced staff) Easy to read bills. E – Self service point in shopping malls, and convenience centers Quick response time. Perfect charging tariffs. 24/7available portals for purchase of power. Payment via POS and internet banking platforms, USSD.

Why Partner With SuezElectric?

SuezElectric has the resources, skills and expertise to offer a full range of 3 party electricity vending services, via e-channels mobile app and online. But we offer more than that in a rapidly changing world, we recognize that businesses are facing huge challenges to remain competitive as they try to manage rising labor costs, the pace of technological change and costs of integrating into the vast growing portfolio of energy distribution. That's why we offer more than a simple shopping platform to vend electricity. We offer fully integrated solutions that provide developed intelligent, multiservice solutions; using the latest technologies to manage and deliver our services while providing our customers a completely self-service in the most cost and resource-efficient approach. Our Technical Partnership approach: allows us to deliver continuous improvements and upgrades to our technology solutions. Our Clientele: with our presence in domestic LPG distribution and delivery, we have built a presence and have extensive knowledge of the city and its environs. Our Network: (Agents mobile kiosk) by utilizing partner agents situated in mobile kiosks to expand our coverage to rural areas and outskirts of Abuja metropolis. Our Capacity: Suez Gas Nigeria Limited: Distribution of domestic LPG to commercial and domestic consumers such as hotels, lounges and Bars, eateries, bakeries, estates and private consumers. Suez Trading International: Forte in importation of LPG and distributing to off takers in trucks